Here at Space Milk, we take our planet pretty seriously. We want to be able to bring you out of this world products that don't cost the earth, but this isn't always easy.



No Fancy Packaging - You may notice our packaging isn't the most glam. We've made a conscious effort to have the smallest impact on the environment that we possibly can, so our packaging is eco-friendly. 
Our dark mailer bags are bio-degradable, and if your wig comes in a frosted Ziploc - that is also bio-degradable, just snip off the zip.
Pink mailers are fully recyclable. We've also decided to run with clear plastic wig bags that can be re-used, as they are easier to see your wigs in, and perfect for storage! When you've finished with these, they can be recycled with plastic carriers (either at a local supermarket or recycling pick-up, please check your local council website for details).

Products - There is not currently a way to recycle false nails or eyelashes, bummer.
The official advice is to dispose of both of these items in with regular waste, we recommend using them as much as possible before this, as our nails and eyelashes are able to be cleaned and re-worn multiple times. For more info on how to do this, see our care section.


Wig Recycling Scheme - The good news is that a company called Terracycle are now able to turn synthetic hair into plastic polymers, meaning your old wig can be turned into something useful. 
Send your old synthetic wig to us, no matter where you bought it, and we will send it to Terracycle.
We are also keen to donate wigs wherever possible. If we feel like we can bring your wig back to life, we can restore it and donate it to charity. 
To send us your wigs, contact us at