How to Look After Your Space Milk Lashes

Loving your new lashes? Want them to last? We’ve collected some of the best tips from Make Up Artists to get more mileage out of your falsies. Here’s how:

Wash your hands first, in this age of germs and viruses, best to make sure you’re squeaky clean
to begin. Remember, these lashes are sitting on your delicate eyes!
Peel any glue residue gently from the lash. I find this oddly satisfying, but I’m gross. Dispose of glue boogers.

You’ve probably put mascara on your lashes, remove all trace of it to restore them to their original glory. Using a spoolie, give them a gentle brush through to begin, and then use make-up remover that isn’t oil based (Micellar Water works a treat) to clean well. You can soak a cotton pad for this or use a cotton bud to get right in the corners. Rinse any cleanser off with some warm water on a cotton pad.

Use a clean, dry towel to pat dry, never rub as you may warp the shape of the lash.
Alternatively, leave them to air dry on a clean surface and voila! Good as new.

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